Girl’s family claimed she was kicked out of KFC due to scars, hoax confirmed.

kfc fake

A Jackson, Mississippi girl’s family claimed their daughter was kicked out of a local KFC restaurant due to customer complaints. The three-year-old named Victoria, sustained severe facial scarring after being attacked by her grandfathers pitbulls. As part of an elaborate hoax to garner sympathy to raise funds, the family claimed they were asked to leave the KFC restaurant, due to customer complaints. The fundraiser on the website GoFundMe, raised over $135,000 which would be put towards Victoria’s medical bills. However, after an investigation by the restaurant it was claimed thatRead More

Ronaldo Fakes Haircut homage to fan.


When you saw the USA vs Portugal match yesterday, did you laugh when you saw Cristiano Ronaldo’s haircut? If you did, you should feel bad because he did it for a fan. Yes, thats right he did it for a young fan who underwent painful surgery to have a tumour removed, a surgery which was also paid for by the football superstar. Or did he? The child in question suffers from cortical dysplasia, an abnormality in the brain that can cause epilepsy, not a tumour at all it seems. InRead More

Dog sharing peanut butter with stuffed animal – Total BS

Animals Being Bro's

  This picture has been brought to the attention of a reporter at who feels she has an ethical obligation to disclose the truth. Currently shared across various social networks, this image has spread like wildfire. It is an image of a dog licking an empty jar of peanut butter given to it by its owner. The dog apparently shares this jar of peanut butter with a stuffed puppy.     Is it fake? Of course it is fake. Dogs lack the emotional intelligence to empathise with an inanimate object,Read More

Guy picking up girls in Lamborghini without talking – Fake and staged.


Here we have another video which has been circulating through social media over the past few days. The video shows internet prankster Vitalyzed pulling up next to females in Southern California in a Lamborghini. The premise of the video is for Vitaly to pick up the girls without saying a word, and it appears to work. Here is the video. Editors at can definitely see the funny side of this video, however there are a couple of things which need to be pointed out. The main red flag here is the voicesRead More

Comedian attacked on stage for insulting Asians… Definitely Fake.


Here is a video which has been circulating for some time. The video stars a man who goes by the name Brett Eidman, a bad comedian doing a stand-up routine in a bad bar. His act begins with a few bad jokes about his wife with then spirals into a poorly acted stereotypical Asian character impersonation. Brett goads the Asian man and his partner in the front row, as they watch the comedic act.  He insults what the man does for a living before turning his attention to the mans partner. BrettRead More

Full Contact Skydiving? Of course it’s FAKE!


A new video has recently gone viral, promoting a new sport, combat skydiving. The promotional video revolves around an emerging sport heavily based on MMA, but taking place during skydiving freefall. The fight begins when the fighters drop from an aircraft at 15,000 ft and ends when the fighters pull their chutes at 4,000 ft above the ground. Fighters are not permitted to tamper with their opponents parachute or strangle each other with the parachute cords. The video which has been viewed 500,000 times in the past 4 days contains UFC star,Read More

Black teen throws boiling water over brother’s back… Fake or Insanely Stupid?


Here is a video that has been circulating around social media over the past few days. The video which has garnered hundreds of thousands of views in this short time appears to feature a young girl throwing a pot of boiling water over a young male, a.k.a the “Hot Water Challenge”. The video shows the girl removing the pot of boiling water from the stove, she then shouts to the camera “Hot water challenge y’all!”. The video then cuts to her throwing the pot over her brother. Finally the video cutsRead More